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Man In A Room

An unscripted, meandering exploration into whatever comes into the mind of a man in a room.

Christmas is an acceptable time to buy gifts

Dec 15, 2017

As I have mentioned previously, I want to get back to doing some sort of schedule with "Man in a Room". Since I am now able to post blogs as well as podcast episodes I want to get into the habit of writing a quick post right after recording an episode. Kind of like a "bonus section" for those who can be bothered to read.

I used to adore Christmas shopping. It used to make me happy, the slight cold nip in the air. Walking around shops to see what I could get the people I loved but it's not the same now. I mentioned that customer service is getting bad but I also don't have a Heck of a lot of time to go out and shop anymore so I have to resort to online shopping. It has sucked the fun out of that element of Christmas. I know it's silly to buy gifts for Christmas because you don't have to wait for an excuse to buy someone a gift but it's one of the two times a year when it won't be questioned.

Just thinking anyway...